A Little Bit About Me

My work presents near authentic, detail oriented depictions of nature with a particular emphasis on technical skill. I am a strong believer in art for art’s sake, and through realism, I aim to exhibit the innate beauty of nature…without the burdens of additional meanings or abstractions. I choose to work mainly in graphite, which provides the versatility, texture, and detail necessary for my work.

My recent work is particularly engaged with mimicking textures. In line with past subjects, textures from nature are aesthetically beautiful, and they are also a technical challenge for me that I relish. Realistically rendering a texture in graphite is a task that is both extremely rigorous and tranquil. I aim for my finished pieces to exude this same rigor and tranquility for the viewer.

I hope that my art can reach people in their daily lives, from within their homes or public spaces rather than from within galleries, making the work accessible both metaphorically and physically to the common person. I believe that experiencing art can be simple, joyful, and even meditative, and that these responses are best elicited through nature.